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Well I've got several orphan devices so I'm going to call in and request they get removed. I've also got a major repeater pipe from Alex fan which doesn't jive based on location from the hub and some of the devices it repeats. I plan to take it offline and do a rebuild to see if it helps balance out my system's mesh more. I'm not sure if a prior strong repeater pipe is preferred as it rebuilds even if you may have added or moved some repeaters. Seems like the jasco appliance plugs are the best repeater, biggest pipe, so I'm going to place them more strategically in general as well before rebuilding. I was trying to place them in a trail from downstairs to up but it's obvious now that zwave doesn't need to take the stairs and prefers to go through the ceiling. I knew that but it wasn't apparent that I had done that until I saw this which made me think of placing the jasco plugs more strategically. I have some that could do more value if spaced further apart. I also have a v2 plug in my basement that will be swapped for a jasco plug that's upstairs near the hub not repeating much.

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