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Friends: I posted the below entry into the IRIS Community blog in January (

Principally, I'm requesting that an "Edit" button be made available in more of the lists in the app. On the Lights & Switches card, I can drag the devices into the order I want them to be. That feature is missing from most other lists in the app. The worst one is the list of Temp Sensors in the Climate card. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to their order.  If, like me, you have contact and motion sensors in general use, then you have a lot of Temp-reporting devices in your list. I'd love to be able to group them. Same goes for the Total Devices List and the Camera card.

If this is important to you too, please go to the blog page and "Kudo" the post. Twelve people have supported the idea, but suggestions don't seem to get the attention of the IRIS folks until there are at least 20+ votes.

Thanks for your help!


Make All app lists editable like the "Lights & Switches" list
Status: New Submitted by pavalov on ‎01-10-2017 03:21 AM

With almost 50 switches, it is really helpful that I can organize them the way that makes sense to me in Lights & Switches.  That Edit feature is not available on the Total Devices list, the Camera Card, or the TEMP sensor listing on the Climate card. This last one would be especially helpful, as many of us have a boatload of sensors that report temperature, and yet there is no rhyme or reason to how they are listed. Please bring the Edit feature to these other lists!

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I've brought this subject up here in the past as I am sure others have. Thanks for posting to the 'official'
Iris Community Forum, maybe it will get some traction there as it seems to have fallen on death ears here.

More squeaks = faster fixes. :)

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