USB Modem (v2) and 17 v1 Smart Buttons for sale!

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I have switched to the basic plan, which means no more rules and no more Smart Buttons to activate them.  Instead, we use Alexa turn things on and off, and it works pretty well and saves us $10 a month.  I also have a USB modem that I was never able to use as coverage in my area is poor.

For sale are:

18 v1 Smart Buttons   -   All include batteries and most have at least 80% life left 

I would prefer to sell these as a set to one buyer for $120.  Otherwise, I'll list them one at a time on eBay.

1 v2 USB modem

The modem is for sale for $50.


I will include the shipping for free with both of the items.  Please contact me if you are interested and thanks for looking.



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