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I got a PM from Iris saying that the problems I am seeing with my Hose end controllers may be due to outdated firmware.  They suggested I move them close to the hub for a few hours to make sure they get updated.  I will do this, hopefully tonight if I remember when I get home, but in the mean time I wondered what versions others have on their controllers.  Mine both have version 34002000.  I responded to them asking what is the latest version and mentioned that I had to go to an unofficial web page to find out what version I had as neither the app or official web portal gave me that info.


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That is the same version as mine are showing and as far as I know, mine are up to date.  I watched them download the firmware when I first paired them. The only thing that mine do is update a phantom (non-existent) schedule every night.  Other than that they work fine.  Here is a cut and paste of all of the info from one of mine in case you want to compare.  

"irr:zonename:z1":"Zone 1"
"dev:name":"Hose End Controller Front"

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The PM they sent was to the bugs I posted over on the other site.  Mine have been sitting in my shop since October of last year, but they are still turning on almost every day on the schedule I had before I set them to manual.  I also mentioned you can not filter for them in the history and in both cases Thomas says the firmware update should fix them.  It looks like he may be wrong, but I will move them close to the hub and wait as he suggested.

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