Hack for doors that don't work well with door sensors

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My shop has hanging sliding doors on the front.  For a while, to monitor the doors, I used a v1 door sensor, with the smart half on a spring loaded hinge to keep it close to the magnet on the opposite door when closed.  It wasn't that reliable and would set the alarm off almost every time we had a storm with heavy wind.  About a year or so ago, I mounted one of these limit switches and soldered it into the v1 sensor:


You can adjust the length and angle of the arm.  It will rotate both CW and CCW, but is spring loaded to return to the position you set it to.  It has NC and NO connections and works flawlessly for me.  I have it mounted so the roller on the arm makes contact with the door when the door is about 2" from closed.  This way any storms have to move the door about that far for the sensor to see it as 'open'.  It's hard to tell size from the photo, but the arm is about 3" long.  

Hopefully this will help you with your odd projects.  As it can be wired for NC or NO, you could also use it to alarm when something closes.

-Jim C

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