New V1 stock?

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Ok now I'm confused?

I think this would be good news though, the V1 contact sensors are so much better.... IMHO.  The smart plugs, I have both, I prefer the V2 just for the repeater function. On the motion sensors, I only have V1. Overall the build quality seems better on V1 stuff anyways.

*Edit* So I just looked on the website, V1 stuff is back on the website as well.

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Could be good or bad. Either looking to clear out old stock before they throw in the towel
or they've decided some of the V1 stuff was good enough to give it another go.

Either way I will check out my local Lowes tomorrow for a couple more motion sensors.
The V1 sensors have been rock solid for me and have excellent battery life. The one V2
motion sensor I have has also been flawless, so its not because I have a problem with
them, just that the V1s a re a bit less expensive and there is not much difference in the
capabilities of the two models.

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