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Please ignore the following being listed for sale at this point. I had offers and even agreed to sell to one member (sorry!). But, miraculously, most of the devices worked when I plugged it up. I might make a separate post about that. For now, I'd like to apologize for not selling what I said I was. I'm totally ashamed of it, but financially I had to.

Thanks, and see you around.

J. Mills



My story first (tldr: I'm not using them, so why not sell them--see below): I was a slightly active member when this forum was first started. I stopped using Iris after some issues: primarily, I blew up  my original Gen 1 hub by plugging in an identical power connector but with a higher voltage--heard it fry and smelled ozone as I plugged it in. That was right before Gen 2 coming out, so I waited until I got the free one. But I could never get it to recognize my gen 1 devices. I tried to reset them to no avail. So they have been sitting around forever and I just don't have time to finagle them into working again.

These are all Generation 1 Iris devices. This list may not be complete because I am at work:

  1. door/window sensors: 7-8
  2. Smart Plug: 2
  3. Smart button: 1
  4. Indoor camera (arrived with the gimbal out of whack and doesn't like to stay in place unless you force it/repair it)
  5. Keyfob (with a little wear and tear, but still in good condition): 1
  6. GE light switch: 1
  7. GE 3-way light switch: 1
  8. Siren: 1
  9. Keypad: 1
  10. Fire/carbon monoxide detector (I forget the brand; it was the first one that came out)

I also have 2 Generation 2 hubs. One was registered, one was not.

If you have an offer, let me know. If you'd rather me price them, I can when I get home this evening.


J. Mills

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No longer for sale; additional comments; typo fixed

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