Relationship between different types of alarms (arm security alarm while water leak alarm is active?)

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For YEARS my iris security alarm has armed successfully without fail using the "when house is empty" rule.
Today it occurred to me that, while I have water leak sensors, I can't remember ever testing them. On my lunch break I stuck a leak sensor lead in a cup of water and I immediately got an automated call from iris explaining the alarm.
I hit the # sign as instructed to confirm receipt of the notification, and went on with my day. I locked up as I left but did not manually set the alarm.
About an hour later, while at work, I opened the iris app which still showed the water leak alarm was active... I was under the impression that hitting the # on the phone dismissed it but I guess not... I hit the cancel button and returned to the dashboard.
Now, the strange part.... my security alarm was NOT enabled. I looked at my history and it showed the "away" scene was run shortly after I left. The away scene includes an action which arms the security alarm, and this has never failed to run in the past. 
I have a feeling that this had something to do with having an active water leak alarm. Is iris unable to arm a security alarm while another type of alarm is active? If that is the case, it's not a huge issue but explains why my alarm did not arm.
Otherwise, I'm not sure what happened.

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