Android IRIS App 2.8: Selecting "Cancel" on fingerprint should not log user all the way out

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All, I filed this on the IRIS Community board under their Bug reports for Android App. 2.8:


2.8 App in general, including the fingerprint feature, works pretty well.  However, this is a minor annoyance in the fingerprint prompt.

I woke up my Android phone (Galaxy S6) and was given the IRIS App login screen with the fingerprint prompt since that's where I left the app. when I put the phone to sleep.  However, I wasn't planning on using the app. so I hit cancel which correctly closed down the app. but (in my opinion) incorrectly logged me out all the way.  The next login into the app. I had to re-enter my e-mail/password.  Closing down the app. and logging back in correctly invokes the fingerprint function from this point.

Suggest not logging out the user completely when selecting "Cancel" on the fingerprint verification step.

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