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I found a work around many years ago, it was posted on this forum somewhere. If you have a Kiddie System, they sell Smoke or CO relays which connect to the existing system. When Smoke or CO happens that relay closes the circuit on the relay output. This is normally designed for alarm panels but if you get a Utilitech Water flood sensor and hook the two wires to the output of that relay, when the smoke goes off, it will tell the utilitech sensor to trigger a "water alarm". I just tell that to NOT shut off my real water valve and instead send me an alert on my phone. The utilitech sensor is like $35 and the relay from kiddie is like $20. Much much cheaper than even replacing 1 smoke alarm. I have two of these setup, one for CO and one for Smoke in a rental property. Works wonders when the renter sets off smoke alarm and 2 minutes later i am on the phone calling them.

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