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For the SmartPlugs, what version are you seeing?  I've done a lot of testing on Z-Wave performance of these devices, including directly pairing to an Aeon Z-Stick.  Even the 20085010 version has issues with Z-Wave, even on Iris. If the Iris (or SmartThings) hub is in exclusion, the Z-Wave side of the device can be unknowingly removed.  I was also able to replicate this behavior on using an Aeon Z-Wave stick as the controller.   I believe it's due to how explorer frames are implemented.  Explorer frames are a Z-Wave plus extension for helping a devices find each other without having to run a Z-Wave heal. Anyhow, I'm very curious to know the version so I can go back and re-test them.  For those running SmartThings alongside Iris, I published a driver for the Z-Wave side of these devices.


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