When will Iris have an Outdoor Motion Sensor?
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Same here. I have a V1 motion sensor outside but well protected for over 2 years. It watches the back porch and turns on the light at night for 2 minutes if it sees motion. So when you come walking up to the door it spots you before your foot hits the first step and BAM! the light is on just like that.

I wish it were possible to have motion sensors fire off the door chime to the keypads and/or hub when it sees motion. That is something that I can't believe they don't have enabled. I mean why limit a motion sensor to only be used to operate a switch or turn on video recording?

Being able to watch for movement and have an audible alert to the keypads and/or hub would be great. Same goes for the not-so-smart button, you can't trigger a chime on the keypads when a smart button used as a doorbell is pressed, the chime goes only to the hub. I can't hear that feeble hub ding throughout my house even on the same floor. If I am in the basement working in my shop I never hear the hub upstairs chime. We use a not-so-smart button as our doorbell. I guess that was a not so smart decision on my part, believing the promise that they were going to enable that feature with the V2 hub but it never happened.

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