How to remove device preview images

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I have 76 devices and most of them have an image assigned to them. When I scroll through the device list it lags like crazy on iOS (I haven't tried android, so I don't know if it has the same issue). I've tried it on multiple iPhone models and it's not a problem with the phone's performance, the lagging has been consistent between my old iphone 5s, 6s plus, and my wife's iPhone X. 
My guess is the image taken from the phone's camera isn't getting scaled down. The app doesn't decrease the actual size of the image, so it's having to load full 12mp images constantly as I scroll through my list of devices.
At this point I just want to get rid of the images. Is there any way short of deleting the app and re-installing? Last time I did that something funky happened with my notifications.

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