Water Leak is Considered a Security and Smoke or CO Alarm

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I posted this in the 'Official' forum as well.  But thought I would do so here in case it's of interest and not seen in the other forum.  -Jim C

Last night at 11:45 PM I had a minor leak in my basement that was detected by my leak detector.  We were all asleep.  My system is setup to do following for leaks:

Silent Alarm

Rule: Alert- Water Leak Detected (When Water Leak Sensor Basement reports a leak, then send Jim a message via Email.)

Here's what happened:

Phone call (I assume part of the silent alarm)

Email Rule (above)

Push notification

Flashing v1 keypads (no sound)

And the following scenes were run:

Smoke or CO- Open Garage Door (When smoke or carbon monoxide are detected, then run Open Garage Door.)
Smoke or CO- Turn ON Inside Lights (When smoke or carbon monoxide are detected, then run All Indoor Lights On.)
Smoke or CO- Turn ON Outside Lights (When smoke or carbon monoxide are detected, then run All Outside Lights On.)


It was a little disturbing for everyone in the house to be woken up by the phone and all the lights on because of some heavy rain.  Alarms should be broken into three separate categories with individual settings:  Security, Leak, and Smoke/CO.  Breaking Smoke/CO into two would be even better.  

I do have to give credit for that fact that all that stuff happened immediately.  The platform in general has come a long way since the initial transition to v2.

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