I changed a device name, but old name still recognized by IRIS via Alexa???
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I recently enabled the IRIS skill on my home Alexa.

I renamed a smart switch which was "Basement AC" to "LIving Room LIghts", and plugged a few lights into it.

My IRIS iPhone app shows me "Living Room LIghts", and allows me to turn them on and off manually just fine.

But instructing Iris verbally to turn "Living Room Lights" on or off only gets me a response of "Sorry, I didn't find a device named Living Room Lights."

It does however recognize and respond to the verbal command to turn "Basement AC" on or off, and turns the living room lights on and off.

So somewhere, somehow, IRIS has held onto the association of "Basement AC" with that smart switch.

I'd appreciate any suggestions.


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Go into the Alexa app and remove the old name.  Seems like this has happened to me before.

I have had trouble in the past renaming and getting rid of old names or groups n the phone app, but using the Alexa web link give you a little more flexibility and works sometimes when the app will not.



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