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I am a fan of Ring's Floodlight Cameras.  I have a couple of them.  They are designed to replace a light fixture that is attached to a wall.  This is problematic if you wish to replace an eaves mounted floodlight with one.  Some people manipulate the camera and lights within the fixture to accommodate an eaves mount but this is less than ideal.  It seriously limits range of motion for the floodlights and camera.  I have come up with a solution that gets around these limitations.  Using the three parts available from any home or hardware store you can mount the light from an eaves and use it as designed.  I will list the three parts needed below for those who are interested.




This comes in three colors:




You just need the box out of this kit but I wanted it because it seemed more heavy duty.  You will also need some 1/2" conduit nuts but Lowes' search engine is too lame to find them but they have them.

Edit:  I found the conduit nuts.  I had to search for them on the Home Depot website and copy the Home Depot description into the Lowes search window to find them.  Sad.


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I like the idea of the Ring floodlight cams but my experience with the Ring Pro Doorbell has dissuaded me from using any Ring products in the near future.

We are selling our house and I am leaving the Ring doorbell, because it pretty useless.  The video quality is ok but it's choppy and the audio is a joke.  My router sits in an office which is just off the main entrance where the Ring is located and according to the signal quality meter in the app the WiFi Signal is good. I have an Arlo camera mounted about 6 foot away from the Ring on the front porch and the difference in the audio is night and day between the two.  Maybe the floodlights are better.

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