?? Your Iris Account was logged into from a new device ??
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I got two email notifications on this today.

I have not logged on to my Iris system from any new devices in months.

I tried calling tech support, but after 10 minutes on hold (with terrible static and piercing beeeeeeep noises), I got disconnected.

Figured maybe the big snowstorm down south might have had some impact somehow, so I thought I'd just toss is out there and ask if anyone else is suddenly getting these notifications.



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This was released this morning:



iOS 2.12.3 release notes

Hi guys,


For those with iOS, you'll notice version 2.12.3 showing up as an update in the app store.


This release has these changes:


- Fixes issue where when multiple iOS devices were logged into a place, only the most recently-logged-in device would receive notifications

- Fixes issue where for those on the Basic plan, camera rules were improperly hidden

- Fixes several crashes


Please note: As a side effect of fixing the notification issue, you might get an extraneous “your Iris account was logged into from a new device” and/or “a mobile device was removed from your Iris account” emails the first time you launch 2.12.3. These can safely be ignored.


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