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OK, if it's not real time is it NRT?

The A.I. scans for problems with your place every 2 mins and data is logged every 5 mins for the power and temp

How long does it take to process the data and formulate the response and how will this performance be impacted when 1000 people are using it and it is being fed data from 50,000 devices.

for my place with 75 devices, the query took 0.0002 seconds with A.I. in the mix its taken about 0.0010 seconds. The A.I. doesn't pull the history of the devices. This is built as the data is put in 

E.X.  doing an average on power with 10 data points

8 + 9 + 11 + 25 + 8 + 9 + 2 + 5 + 9 + 10 = 96 SUM

Sum/Total = Average 96/10 = 9.6 Average

So all that really needs to be done to add a new data point is pulling the sum and total and adding to them

the new data point is 6

Old Sum + New number = new sum : 96 + 6 = 102

Old total + 1 = new total : 10 + 1 = 11

New Sum/New Total = New Average : 102/11 = 9.28 This makes things a lot faster so systems like this are what I am using.

And does everything need to be NRT? Is it possible to classify responses with a priority ranking so that important responses are delivered ASAP and others may not be delivered for a couple minutes. Or maybe a user selectable filter on what messages they want.

I feel real-time warnings are where Iris is far behind.No things do not need to be real-time but within a few minutes is great.

I just got done with the problem system. You can remove or hide problems.

Hidden problems: Once you hide a problem they will never show back up but can be unhidden later.

Removed problems: Once you remove a problem if the A.I. find them again they will come back up.

Can you give us a list of the keywords? That would help me figure out what I might want to the AI to say and how to phrase it.

What the A.I. looks for right now is.

NOTE: All underlined AI triggers are affected by AI sensitivity

power warning (Overpower usage) Overpower is defined by devices max power and average power.

temperature warning (Over temperature) Over temperature is defined by devices temperature power and average temperature.

House power saving (Number of devices still on when the user is not home) Not Home is defined by keyfobs and/or IFTTT webhooks

Device Offline

House not secure (Doors not shut or locks unlocked) AI will look for keywords in names for this trigger EX Front Door is an exterior door and Cabinet Door is not


You can also hide devices from AI in the settings tab. To the AI the device will not be in the system but will still be listed in both charts.

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