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I feel the same way about hospitals. Why do they need to advertise so heavily, if at all.

Most people know where hospitals are and what their reputation is and/or what area of medicine they may specialize in.

Near me (my county and the four neighboring counties) almost every hospital is part of the same system except for two, so you don't get much choice here no matter which one you go to. They're all part of the same empire so no pricing competition (not that I want to choose my medical treatment on price) and many times the same doctors are working out of two or three facilities because they are part of the same network. So pretty much a monopoly when one group controls over 90% of the medical care over a wide area.


Now ADT doesn't control as wide a slice of their market as the hospital system in my areas does, but it's still kinda the same issue.

There must be huge profits in beer as they had plenty of commercials running. But then all the couch potatoes were in front of the tube so they had a huge collection of their primary target...Joe six pack.

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