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I am considering SmartThings but I was curious how Smart Things will work with the In-Laws who live with us.  We have a detached In-Law suite about 400ft from the primary house as well as a detached barn about 600ft from the primary house.  So that raises a few questions that I have not been able to find the answer to:

  1) With SmartThings can I control what user has access to what cameras?  For example I do not want the in-laws to have access to the house cameras but I do want them to have access to the cameras with the detached In-Law Suite and the Barn

  2) With SmartThings can I have more than one hub with cross hub controlled devices?  For example I would like to make a single "rule" that turns on the outside lights at sunset.  Some of the light switches are in the In-Law Suite, some are in the barn some are in the house.

  3) With SmartTHings can I have multiple Alarm zones?  In this case what I would like is for the In-Laws to be able to arm / disarm just their building and I would like the ability to just arm / disarm the house or the barn.

Iris is the only system I am familiar with so I appreciate the help.  If Smart things does not work well with multi-tenant would I would appreciate any input/insight if Hubitat or another system be a better solution?




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