Professional Monitoring for Hubitat

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I am in no way affiliated with either company and this is not any kind of endorsement.

I've been asked about professional monitoring for Hubitat a few times.  It turns out there is an option available.  It's called Noonlight for Hubitat.  I have no personal experience...  I'm just sharing the link as a resource for those considering a new platform.



Konnected has partnered with Noonlight to offer access to a 24/7 professionally monitored emergency central station via your Hubitat smart home. When used with the Hubitat Safety Monitor app, Noonlight can respond in case of an intrusion, smoke or carbon monoxide alarm. You can also configure any automation or rule in Hubitat to trigger an alarm with Noonlight just like turning on a switch. For example set up a panic routine that turns on Noonlight and help will be on the way in minutes.


This cost is $10 per month.


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