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Hubitat for me.

I'm all done with those fancy cloud based systems. I'm amazed how small Hubitat is. My iris hub refused to diso my GE Z wave switches and outlets, in fact it refused to give anything up. Spent 3 hrs on with tech support and tier 2. they said there losing more control as days go by to look into systems as there taking more control offline. Long story short, reset your Z wave and Zigbee devices yourself. Save the grief, Just delete the device from iris. Some devices were a little finicky, but did finally work. Still need to do programming and much more to go, but its a good start.

I use both HUBS at the same time now. Actually 3 hubs. Have an Iris in the Shed lol ūüôĄ

3 : First Alert CO smoke detectors 

6 : Utilitech Sirens 

1 : Aeon Power Monitor

18 : GE Zwave Switches

1 : GE Zwave Plug 



Waiting on $2500.00 is it store credit or Visa Debit card?

Got plenty of V1 devices keft if anybody interested.

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1 hour ago, c379776 said:

Can I rescind my vote?  I'm back on the hunt.

Yes, just go back to the poll results and click on "Show Vote Options" in the bottom left corner.

***Edit***  Doing this will not let you rescind your vote, but it will let you change it to another system.

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