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Nice write up but it only talks about ZigBee and Wi-Fi, there are other players in that same splice of spectrum as I have said before.

I have a school across the street from me with a mesh network with about a dozen wireless access points(WAP). When I'm home I see at least 5 of them all the time and I am 500 feet away. I have 3 neighbors all who have their own Wi-Fi access points. Then there is my own mess of 12 Wi-Fi cameras (2 Iris, 9 Wyze, 1 other), 4 Alexa devices, and two access points. Fortunately all of this is on 2.4GHz, and 5GHz is free and open, so I force whatever I can like mobile devices and other equipment that is dual band to the 5GHz band which around me is wide open. At least until others start upgrading and move to 5GHz also.

Get one of the Wi-Fi analyzer apps for your phone and do a little sniffing to find out what channels are in use around you.

Hopefully ARCUS and SystronicsRF will give us the ability to designate what channels we use so that we can mitigate interference. Your WAP should already give you that ability in setup.

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