March 31st - Doomsday?
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Here's a question for everyone.

What happens tomorrow when the Iris site is turned off as far as support docs for the various Iris devices.

Has anyone downloaded the PDF versions of instruction sheets/manuals that are on the site or is this even necessary. I would suspect that some of those docs may exist elsewhere, but I bet a majority of them will no longer be available to us.

Would be nice to have a repository of them to refer to in the future, maybe they could be made available on this site.

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I came across this web page this morning. From the sounds of it maybe it will remain up for some time.

But maybe not so check it out.


Please Note: Iris will be permanently shut down on March 31st, 2019 and your devices will no longer function with the Iris system. When pairing compatible devices to other smart home systems, it may be best to reset your device prior to pairing it to a new system. Click your device below to find reset instructions.*-Devices-that-Work-with-Iris&guideId=40abd3ad-7003-4eda-8a8e-d1031254afdb

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