CUTE VIDEO: Child uses doorbell to call dad at work when he needs help with TV

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HASLETT, MI (WCSC) - A Michigan child called his dad from the family’s doorbell to ask an important question: “How do you turn on the kids channel?”

A Michigan boy called his dad using the Ring doorbell to ask how to watch the kid's channel on TV. (Source:

The video was recorded in Haslett, Michigan back in November, according to Ring spokesperson Savannah Bigley.

The video, provided by, shows the young boy on the front porch of the home talking to his father through the Ring app, which allows a homeowner to see and talk with whoever rings the doorbell.

The father asks where his mother is, and the boy points to a house across the street.

“I wanted to go home and she said I could come here and turn on the kids channel,” the boy says.

His dad tells him he thinks the kids channel is on Channel 25, but there’s another problem.

“I don’t know what 25 looks like,” the boy says.

His dad chuckles while his son kisses the camera.

“Get the remote for the TV and press the number 2 and the number 5 and point it at the TV. That should work for you,” he says.

He gives one more kiss through the screen before heading inside.



I am not saying I am going ring but this is too funny.

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