Cheap ST motion sensor at Fry's with caveat

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If you have Fry's close by, they have the SwannOne motion sensor for $8.99 (30% off) It's quite small and well designed.

It uses Zwave, but ST doesn't have a native DTH for it. So you need to go into your ST account and manually change the DTH to either zwave motion sensor or smartsense motion sensor. Also although the sensor has temp sensor, it's not reported by the DTH, but motion sensing works. Other people have also reported disconnection after a while with the older hub/firmware. I have the V3 hub and have not experienced disconnection (fingers crossed) after a 1.5 days. I won't use it for security etc., but for none-critical automation (lighting etc.), it should be fine. 

FYI, Fry's also has the smart plug for $14.99, but you don't get wattage monitoring in ST.

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