Ten Different Gen 1 Iris Key Pad tones available with SRF

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Systronics RF has significantly opened up uses for the Iris Gen 1 Key Pad as compared to its use in the Iris platform.  This post is limited to describing the 10 different sounds from the Gen 1 key pad that can be assigned to Actions in the SRF Control System.  Here's the list of names, with a subjective attempt to describe the sounds emitted:

1. Alarm: two-tone siren, British style

2. Armed: 3 fast beeps, high (freq.) tone

3. Arming: 3 slow beeps, medium tone

4. Bad Pin: 2 beeps, fast/slow, medium then low tone, repeated once

5. Home: 3 ascending beep tones, repeated once

6. Key Click: 1 beep, high tone

7. Locked: 2 quick low tones

8. Lost Hub: 2 long low tones

9. Night: 6 high tones

10. Open Door: (same as #1)

11. Panic: very rapidly repeated two-tone beeps, high freq. (like a cordless phone used to sound)

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