NuTone NPD300Z Plug-in Smart Dimmer

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I found the NuTone NPD300Z Smart Z-Wave Enabled Plug-In Outlet Dimmer Module on Amazon for ~$20.

They look just like the Jasco/GE plug-in dimmer modules sold as compatible with Iris so I thought for $20 I'd
give it a try.

Works great and even has a feature enabled that the GE module does not. That is what they call "load sense",
which lets you turn the light plugged into the dimmer module on/off using the switch on the light
itself. Which can be handy 
at times or for those that don't want to use an app or Alexa to operate their lights you can have manual control.

When I first got it I could not get it to pair. Called NuTone TS and got someone right away, no wait. They told me
to try doing a device exclusion then pair. That worked. Then I asked about the load sense feature and I told him I

had another which looked just like the NuTone but was from GE and made by Jasco. I asked if those were the same
and if they might have the load sense capability and he most likely yes. So if you have ZWave Tweaker set it as your
device handler, change the setting to enable load sense, then revert back to the default device handler.

Note these are Z-Wave not Z-Wave Plus but still work fine with SmartThings.

I bought a couple more today, for ~$20 each and free shipping with Prime they are less than half the price of the
ones Lowes sold for use with Iris.

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