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My Apps are Home Automation Apps (HA-Apps), not to be confused with Mobile Apps.  The user configures an App to meet each of their home automation needs.  There is no limit to the number of Apps that a user can create.

No coding is required, and no add-ons, widgets, special hubs, bridges, etc., are required.   The Apps are created locally by the user in their home, using a laptop, desktop, or tablet.  No internet connection is needed, and nothing has to be drawn from the Cloud.

A library of example Apps is provided, but users can fully customize each of their Apps to suit their individual needs.

Existing users have already created many Apps to automate their home in many ways, including lighting, HVAC, security, wellbeing, and energy consumption.  These range from the relatively simple, such as setting mood lighting, to very sophisticated security systems.

Each App is a self-contained set of interconnected building blocks.  There are two types of building block; Advanced Activators and Advanced Actions.

Each Advanced Activator enables the user to define a user interface, in the form of either a tile or a dashboard pane.

The Advanced Actions do all of the work.  They each take data from Sensors, such as motion, contact, etc., and send commands to other Advanced Actions, and to Actuators, such as smart plugs, light switches, etc.

The following is a video to illustrate a simple App for turning on a fan heater based on temperature in a room.  Users only need to select where to measure the temperature and the plug that powers the heater. This can then be used as is, or customized as required.

Click here to watch the video

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My Apps has been extended to include a Novice Editing Mode option.

The Apps were introduced initially by Beta Testers defining a collection of Advanced Activators, which provide the user interface, and Advanced Actions, which control the operation of the Control System.  To date, users, and especially those with more challenging requirements, and larger systems, have been able to meet all of their requirements in this way, from controlling lighting, to HVAC, and security.

My Apps was introduced in June to enable these Advanced Activators and Advanced Actions to be encapsulated, so as to provide a separate, self-contained App for each requirement.

The Novice Editing Mode, which has now been added, provides a much simplified version of the existing, full-capability, App Designer.  It is intended primarily for new users, but can also be used to create Apps that will meet many users’ simpler requirements.

In the Novice Mode, the each App has a predefined function, so the user has only to select their devices. The user is guided through the selection of the individual devices, and the setting up of the App, with additional instructions at each stage of the process.

It is anticipated that the full capability designer, which is now referred to as the Advanced Editing Mode, will be used primarily to meet the more sophisticated requirements.

All of the Apps use the same regular Advanced Actions and Advanced Activators underneath, whether they are designed via the Novice Mode or the Advanced Mode. The only difference is that the Novice Mode provides a simplified designer.

Users can switch between these two App designer modes.  If the user creates an App using the Novice Mode, then they can easily switch to the Advanced Mode, which then enables them to take full advantage of the entire underlying capability of the Control System.

A set of Template Apps are provided, any of which can be selected as the basis for an App in either the Novice Mode or the Advanced Mode.  There are currently 25 templates, covering lighting, HVAC, safety & security, energy control, wellbeing, convenience, and green living.  New templates are being added on a daily basis.

Having selected a template, the user has only to select the devices that they intend to use with the App, which then makes it available for immediate use.  If the user chooses to edit the template derived App in the Advanced Mode, then they can adapt it, and extend it, to whatever extent they need to meet their specific requirement.



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