Is This Wi-Fi Saturation or a Hardware Issue

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I don't know if this is the best place to ask this question, but it didn't seem to fit anywhere else.

I am wondering what the capacity of 2.4GHz Wi-Fi is.

My question comes because I have been seeing for a long time issues with Wi-Fi that I can't explain otherwise.

I have a NetGear NightHawk C7800 router/modem combo and my ISP is Comcast. The modem is about a year old, I bought it new, it's not a refurb or used item.

I have a hardwire camera system of which the deck is connected by ethernet to the LAN. There are no Wi-fi cameras on this system though it can support them. I just don't use any. So it puts little if any load on the LAN or Wi-Fi. Storage is internal and it records 24/7. The only time it might impact LAN performance is when I access the Camera DVR from a PC on the LAN to review some footage.

I have 9 Wyze Wi-Fi cameras.

I also have 4 Wi-Fi switches connected to my ST Hub.

I have 6 Amazon Echo devices, they are all connected by Wi-Fi.

I have one NetGear dual-band range extender.

Also occasionally two smartphones, one Android and one iPhone.

Three Amazon Fire tablets.

One Eye-Fi SD card in my DSLR which sends copies of images to a network drive when the camera is in use.

All the 4 PCs in the house are on ethernet.

The SmartThings hub is connected by ethernet.

The three TVs are also using ethernet for Netflix, etc. They are Wi-Fi capable but I have that turned off.

A ZumSpot digital mobile radio hotspot. It uses WiFi to bridge local handheld radio RF signals to the internet. It's low impact and only active when I am using the handheld radio.

The TiVo DVR uses ethernet too.

On 5GHz is usually only the smartphones, but sometimes depending on where you are in the house they swap over to 2.4GHz

I come up with 25 devices, of which the 9 cameras probably use the most bandwidth. But this AP is supposed to be able to handle 100 connections on each band.

What happens is performance is fine then randomly WiFi will drop out. Ethernet still works fine so the ISP connection does not seem to be at fault. Nothin connected by Wi-Fi works. It can happen multiple times in one day or it might go without a problem for a week or more then BAM it's all dead until I power the unit down, physically disconnect the power and the coax from the unit, wait about a minute, then connect it all back up and reboot. After which once everything reconnects it might be good for 5 minutes, an hour, or 14 days, there's no telling as it just randomly drops out. NEtGear only gives you 90 support on these things and I didn't start having problems until about 6 months in which is when I believe Comcast pushed out a firmware update. You can't do the update or roll back to a previous firmware even though it's your own equipment. Only Comcast can install firmware updates. SO I argued with them that the problem is their doing since I have no control over the firmware and have made no changes to the hardware. Speaking of which all my network equipment is powered through APC UPSs which filter and limit voltage spikes and dips, so I don't think anything has been damaged from a surge or lightning strike.

I tried turning off all the Wyze cameras but it made no difference. I've tried shutting down all the HA stuff but no change.

I've looked at what channels my neighbors are using on both bands and set my access point to open channels on 2.4 and 5GHZ that are not used by anyone that can be heard at my location, didn't help.

The only thing I have not tried yet is going back to my old hardware, which was a NetGear C1000 modem and a LinkSys router, separate units. The modem is DOCSIS 3.0 and I don't remember if it can be updated. To do that I would have to get Comcast to reauthorize the old modem which is not difficult but then I would have to do it again to go back to the C7800.

Anyone have any ideas I might try other than what I have so far.

Am I missing something else that could be the cause.

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Since you say your wired internet does not die I would start with the Netgear Router, I would think you modem is okay.  Pick one up locally at a best buy or something and see if the problem goes away.  If it does you know you got a bad router and you can see if you can get Netgear to send you a new one.  Then take the other one back, this time of year they will be expecting a lot of returns anyway. 

Another way to go is get a cheap access point and use it's wifi and turn off the neat gear wifi and see if that holds up.  You can get a TP-link access point for around $20.

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