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It was a extremely easy add. I made it configurable in the event that some provider of Arcus doesn't want to offer it, but agree that it seems like an odd thing to hide. There's a handful of things like this that are artificially limited and easy to provide in Arcus.

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The argument was that battery percentages were not that accurate.  We all knew that but it would be better than a battery showing as good and the next day the device being offline with a dead battery.  At least with the percentages you could gauge if you wanted to change a battery or not.  It certainly would be better than their arbitrary "okay/bad meter" which was never accurate.   I would routinely look at all of my device battery percentages and change low ones before leaving on a trip or going out of town.  Couldn't do that when they took percentages away,  They didn't get it.  We did have thegillions portal though.  He gave us percentages.

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