3V rechargeable lithium ion CR2 for Iris sensors in use
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Greetings all,


I just purchased these batteries and a charger from Amazonians:






The rest fully charged at 3.35V (which makes them about 3V nominal), compared to most other lithium ion cells that operate at 3.6V nominal (4.1V resting fully charged). The cool thing is that at 2 for $8 they are cheaper than most primary CR2 batteries, and have a similar capacity rating to CR2 primaries at 800mAh.


I have two of my six installed. One is in a "high traffic" contact sensor that is actually a flow swich on my hot water system, that is reporting contact status from a flow paddle switch on the cold water inlet to the water heater, and the temperature sensing chip is heat-sinked to the hot water recirculation return pipe to function as a demand response aquastat. with the dynamic temperature readings and dozens of contact cycles per day, it eats up CR2s a bit faster (6mo tops).


I'll let everyone know how it performs but I expect with their very low self-discharge chemistry they should perform well.



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