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Hey Living With Iris community, 


A few of you have asked me to create a thread providing more information about the Smart Vents. I know there is already a thread about them in these forums, but based on this feedback I thought a standalone thread dedicated to answering questions was appropriate. Mods: if you would rather this thread be somewhere else just let me know.


Here it goes:


Q: Will I be able to control Keen Home Smart Vents through the IRIS app/website?

A: You certainly will. We are working closely with the IRIS team to ensure the best possible user experience inside the IRIS platform. 


Q: Will there be associated magic rules for the Smart Vents in the IRIS app?

A: We are still working out exactly what will go into V1, but our intention is to allow your Smart Vents to act in concert with other IRIS devices in your home.


Q: Will room temperature information from the Vents be accessible on the IRIS website or through the IRIS app?

A: We track the temperature in the ducts themselves with the Smart Vent's temperature sensor to ensure safe operation of the vents and your HVAC system. We are working with the IRIS team to determine exactly what information is most useful to IRIS users. 

Q: Do I need a Keen Home smart bridge to use the Smart Vents?

A: We are developing our own app and bridge (hub), but you won't need either if you already have an IRIS hub. 


If anyone has additional questions feel free to ask here or email me at nate[at] 

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