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  1. It was a shame as Systronic got the V1 keypads working, but I am not sure what went on with them. Their development just seem to stop. I am using almost all V1 stuff in my shop with Hubitat, Contact sensors smart plugs and Buttons. but HE never got the V1 keypads working. I had hoped to use them when I moved over to HE.
  2. Terminal

    Z-wave Locks

    These Schlage locks are pretty old, it's probably time to start swapping them out. Z-wave in general seems less robust than what I got with ST. Several devices that are the furthest away from the HE hub would not pair until I brought the HE Hub close. I did not have to do that with ST. I started adding devices close to the Hub and moving away from it so as to keep minimal distances between z-wave repeaters. I just added in an Inovelli dimmer yesterday that paired fine in it's current location with ST, but I had to move the HE hub in the same room. The Inovelli has a test you ca
  3. Terminal

    Z-wave Locks

    Thanks for the advice. As I mentioned I was thinking of moving them back to ST but if I do that I will probably have to add a couple of the other Z-wave Iris 3210-l repeaters back to ST as well. As two of the locks are on the opposite end of the house from the ST HUB, So once I move all my other Z-wave devices on to HE I won't have any repeaters for ST. Something I found, is if you do a get codes to any of the three that have issues they will do about 5 or 6 slots and then just stop. I then have to pull the battery to get them to talk again. The FE5999, which is a much newer loc
  4. Terminal

    Z-wave Locks

    I have read through a bunch of threads over on the HE forums, but I wondered if you guys had any experience with Z-wave locks on HE. Below is what I posted over in a HE forum thread The forum is so busy and so much info to go through I thought I would ask over here since you guys have been using HE for awhile now. Did you guys have issues with your Z-wave locks, maybe you didn't have any. Unfortunately all of mine are, one train of thought over on the HE forum is to switch to zigbee locks, but that will get expensive. A couple of my Schlages are pretty old but they have worked reliably
  5. I just switched to Hubitat, I finally gave up on Systronic. I thought I had read that HE supported the V1 keypads but sadly no, everything else worked so not a deal breaker. I am not 100% sold on the V1 device support on Hubitat though. I was at first, as all my devices migrated over with not a single hiccup. About 2 weeks in though all my V1 devices stopped talking. I had to reset and re-pair almost every one of them. Then I had to go back and update all my rules. Luckily I only use the V1 devices in my shop so it's not huge deal. It may have just been a bad device that corrupted th
  6. If you have some simple routines or smartlighting routines you want to move over to the new automations then that would probably be okay to start doing. Most of my automations are in webcore, so I am not doing anything until I am forced to.
  7. Since you say your wired internet does not die I would start with the Netgear Router, I would think you modem is okay. Pick one up locally at a best buy or something and see if the problem goes away. If it does you know you got a bad router and you can see if you can get Netgear to send you a new one. Then take the other one back, this time of year they will be expecting a lot of returns anyway. Another way to go is get a cheap access point and use it's wifi and turn off the neat gear wifi and see if that holds up. You can get a TP-link access point for around $20.
  8. Could you guys do something like webcore has and allow URL links to start actions. I setup shortcuts in Siri that when called pass links to chrome on my phone which in turn fires a webcore piston. Works pretty well. Since most everything is web based anyway it would seem a fairly straight forward approach.
  9. I don't think there really is at this point. I asked about this back during the beta testing. As I would like to keep my own copy. The guys are very responsive but I would like to have a ready to pop in backup of the SD card. What they said back then was, they keep hourly backups of your system and 14 days of a nightly backup. They said they would offer the ability to download a system backup directly from your CS at some point, but that point has yet to arrive.
  10. Go to settingd>My Apps>Add an app. Then update the templates. The add the app you want.
  11. The device I have was by a company called YTF and I paid about $20.00 on amazon. Just checked and it says it is now unavailable. It was a cheap solution and the reviews seemed good. It has worked really well for me.
  12. So they have finally released a public version. I am pretty happy with it. I think there are a few devices they should have gotten working first, but overall it works really well. The device availability is still a bit limited but they are very open and responsive to adding new things. You can go to their site to read about pricing and such. The cost point is a bit higher than the others since along with the software you have to buy the PI hardware and Zigbee and Zwave network adapters. If they keep progressing as they are, I believe I will eventually move most of my home automation to
  13. Terminal

    Arcus Smart Home

    SystronicRF just released a version that supports the Iris V1 cameras. It's a pretty solid Security system and basic home automation. Supports most all the old iris stuff. It still needs work but overall I have been happy with it. I have one V1 camera and I plan on adding it soon to try out what they have setup. So I can't comment on how well it works.