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  1. hxn

    Gen 1 device limit?

    I've tried that - but Hubitat seems unable to pair or find the second device after pairing either the Zigbee or Z-wave first. Did you use a particular order?
  2. hxn

    Gen 1 device limit?

    Way back in the good ole Iris V1 days, I had horrible Zigbee connectivity problems at one of my installations. A particularly good tech was able to look at a map, and suggested removing a couple of suspect plugs that were located near the center of the problems. Removal of the two suspects fixed the problem, and I was able to plug the remaining good one back in. Just like any defective network component, these things are capable of producing a network flood. A rogue device could be the source of your problems, @Vettester, rather than a problem with the underlying system. I never came across an
  3. hxn

    Gen 1 device limit?

    I gave up on Vera because it stopped functioning once 20 or so Zigbee devices had been added (became very unstable and the Zigbee network would crash and stay crashed). So I switched to Hubitat with the new "Elevation" hub, and the Zigbee controller currently has 49 devices on it, of which 31 are Iris V1 devices (plugs, buttons, motion sensors, contact sensors). I have had no systematic problem at any stage with adding new sensors or any other Zigbee devices. I did have a problem with a single Iris V1 contact sensor (worked fine with Iris) that I could not pair, and had to pair and repair a co
  4. I've had the Zigbee network on VeraSecure go offline a number of times. You have to call support to have them bring it back up. They can't tell you why it went down. Oh, by the way, Vera's Zigbee network becomes unstable after 20 or so Zigbee devices have been added. They say that this is a known problem but won't say when it will be addressed. I had VeraSecure controllers for both houses, but after the incessant pairing problems with the first house, I decided to try out Hubitat on the second house. Almost everything pairs without issue, and it pairs most if not all of the Iris V1 sensors wit
  5. This also happened immediately upon the "upgrade" from Iris V1 to V2. It took Iris a month or more to fix it. Not sure what the problem was, though. @thegillion might remember.
  6. I think that's a V2 wifi plug (no hub required). I had two of those for remotely powercycling the Iris hubs. They make nice paperweights now. The V1 plugs also paperweights - no response to the local button.
  7. I had an old Vera Plus that I had purchased in 2016, so I thought I'd try that out before ordering the VeraSecure for location #2. Even though Vera seemed a bit edgy in certain regards, there were three major reasons I decided upon it: Current availability, full backup and restore capability, and extreme programmability (not only for scenes but for devices). Following are some notes: First test of the backup and restore function: I received my VeraSecure and decided to back up the Plus and restore it to the Secure. Still being out of my element with Vera, I called support (no waiting, i
  8. ...So I bought a ST V3 hub in the event that the VeraSecure doesn't work out. Good to know and hope that it's true.
  9. I had to reload the system configuration files in order for the above code to work. Do by going to Apps > Develop Apps > Serial Port Configuation > Save. Once this is done, the Iris devices will be recognized by their proper name. That said, I am seeing times up to two hours before the V2 Smart Plug appears in the device card. I had two Iris V2 Smart Plugs paired before the code was available. This morning they disconnected and would not reconnect. They had been functioning reasonably well for about a week. Also #1: Noting that the temperature function is not recognized by t
  10. hxn

    vera notifications?

    That's what I said! But when I log into my account, located in Virginia, that's the message I get. Doesn't say "your area" - says "your country"... I think that their international address is Hong Kong, if I remember correctly.
  11. hxn

    vera notifications?

    So... I ordered the VeraSecure after much study, because it seemed to do most of the things that that Iris did (although no recognition of V1 sensors at this point). Part of my decision was that Vera was VeraSentinel, an advertised paid service which would manage videos for you, much like Iris did, and it would accept V2 Iris cameras. So I started setting up the system, and got a few devices working with essentially no problem. Next I went to the VeraSentinal page to sign up. Everything OK so far - but it asked me to log in to my Vera account to continue. As soon as the login completed, I was
  12. hxn

    Visa Cards

    It depends mostly on who can pay the better lawyers.
  13. Agree wholeheartedly. I spent some time investigating VeraSecure when it first came out, and I remember from their discussion groups that everything Iris post-V1 was pretty much supported. I also note that most of Vera's documentation appears to be behind their member wall. @joshfromvera, I would like to see user manuals from each Vera system posted here, and the results from Vera's analysis of Iris devices as they become available. Obviously, time is of the essence here. That said, when I previously checked out VeraSecure, I was very impressed with its capabilities. I would have purchased a s
  14. hxn

    Arcus Smart Home

    If this is the case, how is Systronics dealing with this?
  15. This might be of interest to you: https://www.amazon.com/Qubino-Z-Wave-Contact-Module-ZMNHND3/dp/B07G5FY8KB/ref=sr_1_35?ie=UTF8&qid=1549482946&sr=8-35&keywords=zwave+contact+sensor I have a couple but have not yet attempted to use them. (Be sure to select the "Dry Contact Sensor" in the dropdown product selection.)