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  1. The alerts are from the xfinity router they give the location and ip address and says that it attempted to log into the device and it blocked the attempt and to update the firmware and change the ip address.
  2. Then if you all are having the same alerts, I guess that I can assume it's normal for this to occur. Xfinity has just made the notices more prominent. I just found it odd the ring cameras and wyze were not having the same issues .
  3. The new free security from Comcast Xfinity for accounts with 1000mbps with their gateway has been sending me notifications like crazy.
  4. Just wanted to share that someone has been trying to access my old Iris Indoor and Outdoor cams. My Xfinity Gateway prevented access to the foreign IP address.I did have them connected to SmartThings via the setup on this site. Since they no longer record and we're just additional to my Ring Security and the many cameras I have that are ring now, I just disconnected them. I wanted to see if anyone else has noticed this issue? Ring has along way to go with home automation but I believe they are much better than what we had with Iris. Just make sure you use all the required new security features
  5. Any chance anyone know if we can get the password for the cameras without iris Web portal? I don't want to factory rest just yet.
  6. Is anyone else having problems logging into the portal. I cannot get to work or the camera site.
  7. I found this official news release from Samsung, we will see if they keep to their word. For consumers who’ve invested in Iris by Lowe’s sensors, SmartThings already works with the majority of these sensors and will support the full line in time for Iris users to easily transition to SmartThings when the Iris by Lowe’s service ends on March 31. All that’s needed to connect is a SmartThings Hub ($69.99) with a compatible Android or iOS device*, and Samsung’s support team is available to assist with the migration process.
  8. Thanks Vettestr, now I just have to figure how to make a better device handler on Smartthings. My goal is to get audio streaming and video.
  9. Does anyone know the new login information for v1 indoor and outdoor cams? Since moving to a new home I had to repair with iris v2 hub and the passwords in the thread don't work. I would like to make some final tweaks before and after iris is shutdown. I have been able to get smartthings to stream video but I wanted to add the feature of using the SD card slots and recording video and audio. For me it just seems wasteful to have to buy new cams when I am happy with the ones I have. Or does anyone know how to install the real firmware with out the iris limitations.
  10. Just to let you all know I purchased a Ring Alarm, Ring Doorbell, and Floodlights Cam, all from Costco and I guess because of the combination of purchases I have a full year of the Ring Monitoring Service. So if you decide to go with ring and are a Costco member purchase from them.
  11. I was thinking, in this forum we have many talented people and tear down of the iris devices, would their be a way to upgrade V1 firmware via one last push to allow Smartthings or other platforms access to our devices? This is beyond my talant of basic html and old flash design. But every note regarding incompatibility is in regards to the protocols of our former alert me devices could they not be changed via a firmware or program update, because I cannot find a direct comment about the actual hardware? I have ultimately gone with ring for security and Smartthings for automation, because I d
  12. I believe it would be the door/window sensor, I found a for pack at Costco
  13. I still am waiting to hear what Vera will charge for their security monitoring and when they will launch. I am holding out until I get my visa card, but if Vera does not have monitoring by then I will probably invest in a Honeywell or Helix system and use The Monitoring Center.
  14. My big question is when will Vera launch their security service and what is the cost going to be. I have found many options but adding home automation to the basic security service adds up to a price I don't want to pay monthly.
  15. You can also use Scout Alarm with SmartThings but not sure if I want to jump on board with Samsung I have never been happy with their products and it sounds like they may also abandon the field. Here is the link for Scout tho