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  1. Any chance these controllers are still available? If so PM me please.
  2. No I do not miss Iris. I prefer the local processing I get with Hubitat and Blue Iris for my new cameras. Iris V2 made my Iris cameras blind at night. It took a car with lights on to trigger them and no critters passing by the yard got picked up. My wife likes the Hubitat app as she can do what she wants very easily. Hubitat was not as simple as Iris, but with a little looking around and learning I can do everything I did with Iris in a locally processed environment.
  3. I moved my Isis system over to Hubitat and I am very happy so far. All good with my V1 contact sensors, Utilitech Siren, and Orbit hose timer. My wife is ok with the HSM and using the link to Hubitat from her phone. I went with new cameras and I am using Blue Iris for the cameras and I am very happy with them. My 3210-L plugs work fine and I haven't had the time to setup them as a zwave repeater yet and I haven't connected my Schlage door lock yet as I haven't had the time. Pretty good so far.
  4. Any more feedback on the testing of V1 contacts?
  5. Just got the e-mail from Lowes. March 31 2019 Iris will be shut off
  6. Your issue could simply be that you have an at&t OC821 which was part of their digital life system. Probably a closed system so it may only work with them. That being said all is not lost as you can view video with a browser so you can use a third party software to use the camera. I use Blue Iris, but there are several out there to use.
  7. Mine wouldn't turn off the alarm last Sunday. I wrote it off to Iris being Iris.
  8. I received a notification that one of my contact sensors was "low battery". That being said the app shows battery ok and it has not dropped off and all of my other devices have been solid.
  9. I should have asked earlier if we are talking about V1 or V2 cameras?
  10. I would also power cycle your router as one of my outdoor cameras went offline and that was the issue.
  11. It really is a shame. One person gave users a superior product than the "official" site.
  12. My V1 camera has became blind as well. I was watching a car go by last night with my 3rd party software. I waited 15 minutes and then checked Iris. Nothing at all. Nothing seen all night. Nice job Iris.
  13. I would do a quick check of your data cables on your hub and router to make sure they are still connected good and then try a 2 second reboot of the hub to see if that smooths things out.
  14. Are you on Android or IOS? I do not see that on my Ipad.
  15. V1 recorded videos had a date and time stamp. V2 nope. After Iris missed an event here I moved to third party video recording. Just can't trust Iris.