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    After having been an Iris user for 6 years, a beta tester for v2 (yikes), 75+ devices, 2 locations, and all of that jazz... I have completed my transition to SmartThings and can say without a doubt that SmartThings is superior. The flexibility to add devices not officially supported is not only easy but works incredibly well. While some minor technical ability may be necessary, if you can follow step by step directions you can install custom SmartApps and Device Type Handlers. I'm so happy to have gotten my Home Energy Monitor back! Not only that, but SmartApps such as BigTalke
  2. Sure! First thing you need is access to the SmartThings developer area (just login to the website with your SmartThings UN/PW, and then developer options are somewhere on the top right, maybe under community?) Second, I followed the instructions step-by-step (I took it one line at a time!) from this page: https://community.smartthings.com/t/release-lowes-iris-and-xfinity-centralite-keypad-dth-apps/58630 Third, adding a SmartApp or DTH (Device Type Handler) is really easy. Access the developer page, and at the top are My Smart App and My Device Handlers. Take the code for the
  3. I made the transition over to Smartthings yesterday. For our purposes, it checks most of the boxes for security. I was able to get the keypads up and running in about 5 minutes. Adding the "code" is just a copy/paste situation... although you have to do it for 2 different items (DTH and SmartApp).
  4. Hey - I'm interested in a couple of items. I will try to send you a PM!