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  1. Sparc, you should really take a look at Hubitat. You could use your Iris V1 gear and not have to deal with all of those Smatthings outages. With Hubitat everything is local.
  2. For me in the original Iris environment they were reliably unresponsive. I never got them to work reliably period and I had 6 of them. That was over $1200.00 invested. I worked with the developers off an on for years and it was a losing effort. When I sold that house, I left all of them with the house and never looked back. One of the best decisions that I ever made. I am now using Kwikset Zigbee locks and I also have two Kwikset Z-Wave plus locks and they are 100% rock solid,
  3. I am using quite a bit of v1 stuff on my HE hubs. I have three HE hubs. One in my shop and one in the house that have all of my Zigbee and Zwave devices connected to them. Then I have a third hub that is connected to the other hubs and acts as a server hub. The server hub runs all rules and automatons. Since getting it set up, I don't fool with it much any more. It just works and does its thing without issue. That's how it is supposed to be. I tried Smartthings before moving to Hubitat and it seemed like all I did was try to keep things working and running, It was literally a full tim
  4. The argument was that battery percentages were not that accurate. We all knew that but it would be better than a battery showing as good and the next day the device being offline with a dead battery. At least with the percentages you could gauge if you wanted to change a battery or not. It certainly would be better than their arbitrary "okay/bad meter" which was never accurate. I would routinely look at all of my device battery percentages and change low ones before leaving on a trip or going out of town. Couldn't do that when they took percentages away, They didn't get it. We did have
  5. Yeah, the Wink users are flooding into the Hubitat forum now. I think that the 5 bucks a month that they want to charge is not unreasonable but no one has any faith that this will keep them alive or bring new features and fixes. I read that Wink employees are not being paid. Seems to me that if this was the model that you were going to move to, it probably should have been done long before now. This from the Wink blog seems a bit harsh: Should you choose not to sign up for a subscription you will no longer be able to access your Wink devices from the app, with voice control or t
  6. That is something that we argued for constantly with the original Iris team. It pisses me off to this day that they would not enable this for us. Good to see.
  7. Folks in the Hubitat community have been asking for it. Particularly the v2 keypad and smart plug firmware.
  8. I was referring to the firmware updates for the individual devices. Keypads, motions, contacts etc.
  9. Andrew, before I move to the blog post, did Lowes release the device firmware with the code dump?
  10. Nothing related to touch contamination or AI but I am fine tuning my system. I have three Hubitat hubs running and I am using a HubConnect proxy server on a Raspberry PI to tie them all together. Just building rules and dashboards right now.
  11. Kind of like the Iris cameras do if you do not reset them. Fortunately the Iris cameras have an API that allow you to reset them and use them independent of the Iris servers as I have tried to explain in another thread over and over to someone who doesn't understand. The un-reset cameras are usable un-reset but do continue to search for the Iris servers which just causes unnecessary traffic. Resetting them eliminates this problem. Unfortunately this is not the case for the other Iris WiFi devices. I am not talking about you Sparc, I know that you understand what is going on.
  12. Yes, Unfortunately I believe they search for the nonexistent Iris servers no mater what you do.
  13. I think that you misread what we wrote. Neither one of us are having alerts from the cameras. Did you reset yours after removing them from Iris? If not, that is likely your problem.
  14. Did you reset the camera's and start over using the instructions on this forum? If not your cameras are still looking for the Iris servers and would be what you are seeing. Further to this, I have 13 of these cameras and a very serious fire wall running. I am blocking thousands of incoming intrusion attempts daily. There is no unusual activity coming from any of my Iris camera.
  15. I am pretty sure the SmartThings sensors use CR 2's Sent from my LM-G710 using Tapatalk