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  1. There is a somewhat steep learning curve, but after getting used to it Hubitat has waaaaay more options to customize your system's behavior than Iris. I guess it is both its blessing and its curse. It was a bit overwhelming at first, especially getting apps to gain capabilities to match light and scheduling automation.
  2. I would love to know this too! If I can get confirmation it beeps I would get V2 or V3 Iris keypads. It was reassuring hearing the chirps early in the morning for confirmation the alarm had deactivated as scheduled.
  3. Sorry, but which driver are you using for the NYCE tilt sensors? Neither the NYCE motion or contact drivers register the flat or vertical status of the tilt sensors...did anybody get these to work?
  4. Giles

    NYCE tilt sensors?

    Cool, thanks UPDATE: the NYCE v2 are supported as of now, and the v1 (without the 3 little vents) will be supported in the next firmware version according to them.
  5. Giles

    NYCE tilt sensors?

    But they are Zigbee...
  6. Anybody figured out how to properly add the NYCE tilt sensors? I read in a couple of forums they can be added even though the drivers are not in the list. They mention that by selecting the NYCE contact sensor driver you can gain functionality, but even after selecting it the status only shows "open" and does not change when moving it to flat or vertical positions. Are people having any luck making these work? Thanks.
  7. Just in case it helps somebody, V1 keypads are not supported. They can be successfully paired, but the drivers are only for V2 and V3 so they are useless.
  8. Giles


    Sorry, but can somebody point me in the direction of this Hubitat forum everyone is referencing? I received my Hubitat hub today and would like to start adding my V1 sensors and smart plugs. Or is there a guide somewhere in this forum on how to do this, perhaps?
  9. Thank you guys/girls. I do have a few smart plugs V1 throughout the house already, so I may be able to hide it. I received my Hubitat C5 today. Is there a guide somewhere on how to get started transferring Iris devices and setting up the "dashboards"? Thanks
  10. Terk, thank you so much for this explanation. Sounds complicated but hey, as long as I don't have to buy 20+ sensors and sirens, it's cool. Also, only 4.99 for pushover its OK. I will dive in today and start the process. BTW, is it true you can put the Hubitat hub any where in the house once it is setup (version C5) or does it need to be somewhere where it can communicate with all the sensors and other accessories?
  11. OK, I guess I have to look for some new keypads. I also just found out Hubitat does not push notifications without a service?? I guess I will look for this info in the forum everybody keeps referencing...thanks for your help!
  12. Thank you so much for all this great info. I ended purchasing the Hubitat, although I wasn't aware it couldn't do push notifications, and apparently it needs to be setup properly if you need to arm and disarm remotely through a cell phone, but Im willing to put up with these headaches if I don't have to buy anything else other than the hub. I guess I have a long weekend ahead of me! Thanks again!
  13. Awesome. Although internet is not required, one could still use it to remotely arm and disarm the system, if setup properly, correct? Do people prefer any particular keypads, since I will have to be buying those? Thanks!
  14. Anybody knows if they are supported? Also, what about the Iris tilt sensors? Lastly, can I schedule the alarm to turn on and off as well as lights controlled by V1 Iris smart plugs? I know they don't have an app, but Im willing to learn their dashboard as long as I can do the alarm and lighting scheduling automation. Thanks!
  15. Holy shit, I didn't even know it existed. I read the thread but I'm still unclear about this: does Hubitat allow scheduling for turning the alarm on and off, or to turn lights on and off? Also, there are no charges because it is self monitoring, correct? lastly, does it support the Iris tilt sensor for my garage door? This would be awesome if I don't have to buy new sensors for my 20 V1 sensors!!