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  1. OK, status report. So far so good. I have two gen 2 contact sensors and one gen 3(? - the one with the magnetic ball mount) that I've applied this coating to ( All three are preforming nominally, and we'd had several rain storms since I did this. I'll report back if any of them go tango-uniform.
  2. That's kinda like what I'm doing. Just with stuff that is specifically made for this purpose (link a few posts up). Just arrived today. Rain expected tomorrow, so I'm going to try and do this and get one up to test. You guys will be the first to know how it goes. Really hope it works - don't want to go cutting into my gate or buying a housing.
  3. Thanks for the input everyone. Here's my plan... I took apart a 2nd gen(?) ST contact sensor ( and it's possible to take the board completely out of the housing. After doing that, I'm going to apply this: to the whole board, making sure to leave the battery contacts bare. Then I'll pop the board back in the housing and put it up. If this works, I'll do the same with a ST motion sensor (also confirmed the board
  4. Thanks. Doesn't look like they have a outdoor contact sensor though, which is what I need. I'm intrigued by that 3-way switch though... and price is right. - roughly same as the GE/Jasco switches that I have. Still requires a neutral, but I'm sure at least one box in my 3way chain (have a couple 4 ways as well) has a neutral.
  5. Same here, but I've chosen SmartThings. So I have to find another solution. Interesting. Off to research silicone sprays... Do you know what contact sensors does your friend uses? If Iris V1, he really doesn't need the silicone..
  6. On fence gates to the back yard. I want open/closed indication, so contact sensor. If I don't find something comparable to the iris V1's (I love those things), then maybe what I'll do is make a mortise in the wooden gate to protect it from the rain. Thanks for the suggestion.
  7. I have Iris V1 contact sensors on two gates outside my house. Even though these are not rated as outdoor devices, they have been rock solid for over 4 years. Anyone have experience with using a ST compatible contact sensor outside? If so which ones? I'm in Northern California, so temp range is question is reasonable (low as 30s and high as 90s, typically). Real issue I think is rain.
  8. My experience has been about the same, but I'm a bit behind you in the switchover. I'm a little frustrated with having to navigate the two apps (I find I need to use both to achieve everything I want to do), and the poor (IMO) execution of event history. But that's more than evened out by ActionTiles (just got stated with that), and the customization options (have installed a few Smartapps and DH's using the IDE). Once I get fully transitioned over to ST, I'll go for my WebCoRE badge 😉
  9. Ah, thanks. I didn't realize you could tap on the "Device Messages" and "Device Activity" to call up the filter screen. That said, my Activity listing is mostly empty (even with all the filters turned on). It only (sometimes) lists my phone's coming and going - no history at all from any devices. Could this be a "new app" issue? I'm on iOS if that matters.
  10. I choose to go with ST, and I'm kinda cool with it, for the most part. It is TERRIBLE with event history, though. On the new app, the History page available from the main menu is worthless. On the "classic" app, each device page has a "Recently" tab that shows events, but it shows WAAAAAY too much (temperature readings, vibration readings, etc in a addition to open/closed/motion/etc). But no single place to see the overall event history like Iris did. Am I missing something?
  11. My favorite thing about SHM is when an alarm is triggered, it can play the sounds of dogs barking (or several other sounds) through our 7 sonos speakers.
  12. They don't. That's why Lowe's is essentially refunding all the V1 stuff through the reception program.
  13. These are V1 contact sensors:
  14. Sorry but I have to ask - are these V1 or V2/V3 contact sensors that you are not able to pair with Vera?
  15. joelh

    Door Chimes

    So it may seem minor, but one of the things that is important to us is being able to hear a chime when certain doors are opened. One thing good about Wink is that they have a chime that has like 8 different sounds. That would be a neat upgrade over iris. But I'm concerned about Wink's expand-ability. And apparently Wink's security chops are weak. Dome and Aeon Labs both have a device that is a combination multi-chime/siren that apparently will fit the bill, but requires a device handler on ST and on Vera only has one chime sound available. Anyone have experience with the va