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  1. Yeah, I've been port forwarding some cameras for a long time now but I have a comcast router now and I have to have two instances of the cameras setup. I used to have a dd wrt and I don't think I had to do that but I didn't do anything special. FYI while I know how to do some of this, I truly am not an expert so I didn't know if there was a way to handle this or not. I know just enough to get myself hacked . Let me research OpenVPN.
  2. This is as good as place as any to ask the following question. I have the camera reset and using my own username and password and I have port fowarding enabled on router using a static ip address for camera for when I am away. My problem is that I have to put in actual local home ip address (with port forwarding) when I am at home to see camera and that works, when I use the no-ip dynamic address (that tracks my home ip) with port forwarding when I am away it works too, but I can't use the dynamic address with port forwarding at home as it doesn't work from home. This means I have to have tw
  3. I know you are trying to add detectors to ST but i too had problens adding them to ring. I factory reset by holding test button down pushing battery drawer in then holding button for 10 seconds until a loud long beep. I then had to pull battery drawer back out wait a few minutes, push battery in while holding test button in until short beep(s) and it added immediately.
  4. Plug in outlets 9.99 and bulb was 19.99 1000 lumen and dimmable. The plug ins dont have button on them but a pin hole to reset device and i had to do that to get it to add. The bulb i had to turn on and off rapidly 5 times. Version 3 of hub.
  5. I have a tracking number from iris redemption website now
  6. Nice review. I have noticed that the two components of the door sensors do not need to be as close together as the iris sensors... which is helpful actually.
  7. That's the thing, I don't want to go through this same BS 2 years from now at least on the security end so I'm going with Ring. Never a guarantee as I kinda thought the same thing about Lowes Iris.
  8. I pulled the trigger on the ring system. Bought the 14pc. On amazon, they have the same deal that is running on the ring website + you get a free 3rd generation echo dot which I might put in my garage to turn on and off the alarm when I go/come in and out. I'll buy the smart thing hub a little bit later. I'm trying to figure out if I can bank some of the gift card money and still have same configuration I have now I have 64 devices on iris, many of them V1 unfortunately (keypad, contact sensor,s motion sensors, buttons). I don't use the contact sensors for automation really nor the motion sen
  9. Its actually a good idea...two buttons. More than once in my slumber ive hit the panic button by mistake. Wakes you up quite fast.
  10. This indicates a two button push for panic. Pertinent Info at end of video.
  11. Let me know how you like it. Also interested to know if it works if no cellular backup and internet is out. Will it still alarm at home?
  12. In relation to the leak sensor and valve i was referring to ring. But im glad to know smart things does as thats my plan for some of my devices and ring for security. Hopefully smart things pairs with my iris garage door controller too!
  13. I contacted them (ring). They told me they do not currently support iris leak sensor or the leaksmart valve. I too might seperate out security (via ring) then home automation (via smart things) to get my leak sensors and garage door functions back.