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  1. One other thing doesn't make sense from hub status. I see: "hubzwave:numDevices":13 hubzwave:healTotal":13" hubzwave:healCompleted":4 i have 9 zwave devices, all currently online. Ican understand the total may be higher due to some devices I removed, but I do show 9 active devices.(6 first alert smoke detectors/combo, utlitech siren, utilitech leak detector and ge outdoor switch ) Any idea why the count of only 4 heal completed? thanks
  2. Thanks I was hoping for an answer as to why a utlitech alarm occasionally goes offline when it is right above a gen 2 switch (many of these are used purely as repeaters). Also have issues with a ge outdoor switch having poor reception (seems to need to be within 5 ft of a repeater) Guess these are all the zwave issues many of us see. on the positive side, zigbee is rock solid and first alert detectors are fairly stable .
  3. Anyone ever see "hubzwave:numDevices" less than what it should be? My hub reports 13, but I have 9 zwav devices and 8 2nd Gen smartplugs (from iris webportal where I see firmware of 20085010). Seems like 4 smartplugs are not being seen as zwav on hub? Thanks