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  1. I have leak sensors all over the house tied back to my Leaksmart valve and have been meaning to put in a kill switch for the well pump. I was going to use a smart outlet to a solid state relay, but just never got around to cobbling together all the parts. I should probably just bite the bullet and get the GE 40A switch...just always seemed like overkill for the job.
  2. I hear you on that one. I find the other platforms much harder to find resolutions to your problems partly because they are so open. With iris there were relatively few devices that you could use and the functionality was limited, so it was easier for someone to help guide you to a solution. With HE or ST there are so many devices, custom device handlers and complex rules to set things up it is much more difficult to find the actual problem. Every few months I have issues with my SHM and it goes away before I find a solution. I think part of it has to do with platform updates but I can't be su
  3. I haven't messed with Systronics in a while, but would it be possible to use something like Acronis? You should be able to make an image of the SD card over the network at regular intervals. Then you could have virtually unlimited points to go back to.
  4. I did have a few issues in the Beta, but with that said I have had lots of stability issues with Hubitat. Maybe some of those issues were actually the devices themselves, but with that said they were rock solid on Iris. Maybe I should pull it back out and see if can get it running better than Hubitat.
  5. I did see entries change, but not their routing. Basically as other devices checked in the list would change but I didn't see a routing change.
  6. Interesting...wonder why Hubitat tech support never suggested this when I had issues. Also question the details shown, for instance two windows next to each other hope through two different outlets. This is even stranger since one is hopping through an outlet that is about as far away as one could be. In fact it is bypassing at least 5 other outlets that are closer.
  7. Wow...that Zigbee routing sounds incredibly useful. I may have to fire my hub back up and see if I can make that work a bit better for me. I am currently on Hubitat and often find the Gen 1 Iris device drop off and they can be a pain in the ass to get back up. Would be nice if I could just route them along a more robust mesh, or find the device that isn't repeating properly.
  8. Maybe I will try the Life 360 on her phone. Both phones are android but for whatever reason mine always seems to work. The battery thing is a real PITA for water sensors. The Leaksmart sensors don't report properly and when they do drop off it triggers the shutoff valve and the siren. I really need to find another audible alert that isn't so intrusive since this always seems to happen at like 2am. I will have to check out the Device Monitor...that sounds interesting. One thing I really liked about Iris and I believe ST has it to was a simple red dot to indicate a device had dropped o
  9. I definitely miss Iris. I moved to hubitat and while it has way more capability than Iris it often seems glitchy. Sometimes auto arming and disarming doesn't work and I can never quite figure out why. Iris was primarily a security system for me and it worked perfect, half the time I can't get Hubitat to arm when it should leaving the home unprotected. Just last night my wife complained when she got up to walk the dog in the morning the alarm was still on. When she tried to disarm through the keypad it took several times to actually get teh system disarmed. Turned out I have the system set to
  10. Wlepse

    Marvin Ellison

    +1 As much as I hate HD their site actually works. The last few months at Lowes when I start a search it gets redirected back to the home page. Sometimes it works the second time...if not I am gone.
  11. Pretty cool. I will have to look into that.
  12. Wlepse

    Page load speed?

    Txs.. I did try removing the app and it seemed better but the recent update seems to have made more of a difference. But that was with a fresh reboot of the hub so I don't know if that is just an artificial improvement.
  13. Wlepse

    Page load speed?

    Very strange...it almost seems like mine is hung up waiting for something to complete before it moves to the next task. The only thing that doesn't correlate is that it actually saw the multiple attempts to disarm yet still sent the command to the siren to go off.
  14. Wlepse

    Page load speed?

    Yes direct connect on LAN using the IP on my network. And yes, loading the devices page can take quite a while. I was reviewing more threads on Hubitat's forum and it seems like many are suggesting disabling features to see what the issue is starting with 3rd party apps. Out of curiosity, do you have an Ecobee? It seems many of the people in one thread I was reading had one connected. I have had a bunch of weird behavior lately and not quite sure what to make of it. For instance, I set the SHM to arm away when my wife's keyfob leaves for more than 5 minutes. When she returns it is set to
  15. Out of curiosity, about how quickly do you find pages load with Hubitat? My device seems to be running much slower than I see in videos online and lately I have had some hiccups with SHM so I am wondering if there is a bigger problem under the hood. For instance, if I click devices it will sometimes take 10 seconds to load a page, same if I select a device. On the device level I seem to also have some issues with enabling or disabling things in a timely fashion, yet it seems quicker through the dashboards. I have tried rebooting the hub but the timing issues persist. Has anyone seen something