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  1. ... Successfully paired my gen 2 contact sensors, gen 2 motion sensors, Sylvania bulbs, GoControl thermostats, and Schlage locks. Feels good. Of course, none of them actually do anything yet.
  2. I successfully unpaired everything. Every little "beep beep" was satisfying. Got ST hub registered and updated, installing the classic app now--very glad to have found that tip. On to pairing what I can ...
  3. Well, I just saw that my questions were already answered in Weather42's adjacent thread. And: UGH. Get Iris running again and unpair. That will be a project for tonight if I can find the right boxes.
  4. Hello, fellow Iris orphans. It's been fun. After going blind reading so many websites and making an attempt at a spreadsheet to organize my thinking, I just decided to go with SmartThings and figure it out from there. It works with my most expensive stuff, and I'm getting $300+ from Lowes (which I think is pretty classy, btw) to help with everything else. Anyway ... I'm committed. The hub is sitting on the counter beside me. Before I start pairing, etc., do I need to get everything connected to Iris and then remove it from Iris? (Nothing is currently paired because I happened to hav
  5. A quick follow-up: I called Iris customer service today. He said it's affecting some keypads and not others. There is a firmware fix that they have to push out to you specifically. If it went well, my keypads should be back to normal within the next 15 minutes.
  6. I'll be interested to know if the other keypad works. I've had non-beeping and non-motion-detecting issues with both of my keypads since a firmware update a while back, too, so I may try to get Lowe's to give me replacements. I did return my batteries once, but I felt guilty about doing it again. Silly, I guess. :-/
  7. accessdenied79, I'm having the same issue with my keypads. I've just posted to an old thread here that's been resurrected on this topic. There's also an active thread on the official forum. The Lowe's people there say they're aware of the problem, but the "fix" seems to be to sell us a new model that's soon (?) to be released. Really, really frustrating. If they can't figure this out, I'm going to jump ship--it makes no sense to continue buying these expensive batteries every other week.
  8. I logged in after not visiting this forum for a while specifically to ask about this problem and found this thread already sitting at the top. I've had two V2 keypads for almost 2 years, and after having batteries last for 10 months, and then another 10 months, both keypads' batteries died within two days of each other. Replaced them with fresh Energizer batteries, both died a few days later. Thought maybe I'd been sold some old batteries, tried again, same thing--died within two days. I foolishly tried a third time, same thing. Clearly, something is going on. Any reason that the k
  9. We had this happen multiple times on Sunday 3/11. A while after it started, I got a low battery email for the same motion sensor, replaced the battery, and now it's been fine.