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  1. Thank you! I went looking for these a week or so ago and was quite distressed to discover they had been lifted. Very insightful and fortuitous on your part. Well done !
  2. So is there real value in having a back up SD card with a copy of the SRF-OS loaded on it "just in case" or is that something the owners of the software license will permit?
  3. The email I got indicated I could register for the GAMMA on the 16th of April and that I would "be able to install the Control System, and start using it immediately." They also provided links to 4 different PDF files detailing their current progress, their planned progress going forward for Gen 2 hardware and Wireless IPO cameras, specifically what Pi to buy, and how to configure it. It arrived in my inbox Wednesday morning.
  4. #thegillion I'm note a coder or a server guy by any stretch and I don't own anything apple, but I really want to see this work in the worst way. I do have a bunch of extra V1 gear I will gladly donate to the test bed effort if needed, Just let me know. * Contact sensors, * Indoor cameras, * V1 and v2 hubs, * smart plugs * Fobs, * keypads.
  5. I just installed my first Smart Water Sensor and it was configured the same way that you had described yours to be, but the act of simply picking it up put the entire house into DEFCON 5. WTF ? IS there a fix or is that the normal response to water?
  6. I did but the cost for replacing the version 1 modem for the version 2 was only a penny. But since they never arrived I now have to pop for a large sum of money to replace something I already paid for . . .twice! The original price was $49.99 then they were discon'ed and the replacement was .01 and since I owned 2 of them and paid for both I'm now out $100.00 and Lowe's wants me to buy another. Not happening.
  7. Mine no longer rolls over to a modem backup because my version 1 modems (2 each) were dicontinued by Lowe's and the 2 new ones I bought and paid for never arrived. Lowes said they gave them to UPS to deliver, UPS sauys they delivered them but not to my house. To someone elses house nearly 40 miles away and that I am just out of luck. I reached back out to Lowe's and they claim there is nothing they can do so I'm screwed outof not 1 but 2 wireless modems.
  8. I know it isn't the router as I have other things attached to it as well as the Iris hub and none of them lost their connections during these same intervals. Are there any other known issues, bugs, glitches, faults etc. that could possible cause this?
  9. My hub seems to have greasy fingers and unable to keep its grip with the "cloud" Here's 22 instances of the connection getting lost and 22 instances of it becoming reconnected in the last 3 days! Penny for your thoughts. Date and Time History Event 12/3/2017 16:42 Kansas Hub Reconnected to Iris Cloud 12/3/2017 16:38 Kansas Hub Lost Connection to Iris Cloud 12/3/2017 13:11 Kansas Hub Reconnected to Iris Cloud 12/3/2017 13:07 Kansas Hub Lost Connection to Iris Cloud 12/3/2017 12:35 Kansas Hub Reconnected to Iris Cloud
  10. What is going on with this wacky overpriced Iris connected Honeywell Thermostat? 886 degrees, 157, 740, 169, and 0? I can afford/provide hundreds of instances over the last 6 months where this goofy thing just goes bat poop crazy for no reason at all. Just 1 of the many issues I never had with version one but can not escape in version deu. Care to venture any guesses? I'm confident someone somewhere can twist this so that its my fault. Today 3:24 PM HALLWAY THERMOSTAT Hea
  11. You would think that one of the marketing geniuses there in Charlotte would figure out that the IRIS community would like to hear about this stuff ahead of John Q. and notify us. A cheap benefit for being an involuntary beta tester for Lowe's and a quick, cheap way to move IRIS specific close out products. You're right. It makes too much sense and therefore will never happen. Nevermind!