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  1. I replaced all of the older z-wave switches in my home the last 2 weeks with zwave plus in hopes of making this work. Still unreliable. i have to try like 10-15 times (and in the background the hubitat tired 10 times and times out as well) here is the logs from today. 2019-05-04 03:42:06.948 pm debugprocessJobs- try job:[481_7:[code: XXXX, name:contractor2, codeState:pe, retry:9]] app:32019-05-04 03:42:06.884 pm infojobs:6 app:32019-05-04 03:42:04.777 pm debugprocessJobs- try job:[291_3:[code: XXXX, name:contractor2, codeState:pe, retry:9]] app:32019-05-04 03:42:04.714 pm infojobs:6
  2. One feature i miss about the portal is the ability to get zwave maps. Does anyone know of a similar way to get those from ST or Hubitat?
  3. I have been trying that for a few days now. no luck. I know i am successful factory resetting the locks because the codes are all deleted, and i am excluding them successfully from Hubitat and repairing them properly too. but it just wont add codes to any kwikset lock. i have three hubs, with 12 locks. three different states. there is something wrong with the hub software, it has to be. any suggestions.?
  4. Yes i had the same problem, and the lock was within inches when i paired it. that was the only way it would pair correctly. it seems paired correctly since i have the securejoin=true flag set. and i can control the lock but setting cdoes just timed out
  5. Yes i am using that to manage all of the codes.
  6. Hello. i have multiple hubs and they all have similar problems. I have kiwkset 910/912 locks and i have ge zwave plus switches within 3-4 feet of each lock to support beaming mode. this worked perfectly fine in iris, but i moved to your product. I have to retry adding codes like 20-30 times because the jobs keep failing. the switches work perfectly fine. i see the zwave messages from the locks when i lock/unlock them, but adding codes takes like 10+ attempts per lock. I have tried multiple -wave rebuild, no effect. i have securejoin true on each lock. the specific hub i am havi
  7. I have the same problem. Do you or anyone know of the fix for this?
  8. Al Gore didnt invent the internet 60 years ago! haha... but yes i understand your point
  9. I accepted as well. I got passed over for Beta group so i am jumping on gamma group to move forward.
  10. mikeyc

    My story.

    Thank You for sharing your story. You were/are a Iris genius and i am glad you had a positive impact on their team to move forward many of the Iris functions the community needed and wanted. I hope you have everything you need for Arcus, but if you need back-end infrastructure (servers, vm's, bandwidth, etc) let me know.
  11. Question... Would this work as a backdoor way to access a hubutat device via smartthings cloud? I love hubutat but i dislike the lack of app for my cell phone. would i be abled to add and remove codes on my hubutat devices via the samsung app? i already have a smart things hub and hubutat hub.
  12. That is my hope. I am hoping when Lowes open sources the Arcus code, that will include the old Alertme (v1 code) and then other companies will use that code to add compatibility. Hopefully ST, Arcus, Systronics, hubutat, etc etc will all have support for it, but atleast if it is public and out there, someone will add it eventually.
  13. I am as much as a Hater on Lowes as the rest of the members here, but seriously why is "IrisUsers" still on this forum? You left Iris 3-4 years ago, why do you come back here to continue to complain about how much Iris sucks and how we are all fools. You want us to bow down to you because you had the vision that Lowes would eventually shut down Iris? Not Going to happen! You told us 4 years ago the sky was falling, and you were wrong for 4 years straight. Finally it happens and you continue to gloat here. You are adding nothing here. move on to someplace else unless you want to contribute some
  14. I went out and bought a smartthings hub to hedge my bests against my long term strategy. I called support tonight 4x over 4 hours. each time the call got disconnected because "large call volumes" . Not a good first impression.
  15. Nice! thanks for the info, it helped confirm everything i through was still true. appreciate it!