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  1. pavalov

    Site security

    Not sure. I got a warning today saying the certificate is out of date.
  2. Yes, they do. They've unlocked some capabilities that weren't available in Iris.
  3. Systronics has posted them all on their YouTube channel: "As the Iris videos for pairing and factory resetting devices have been removed, we have included them in our YouTube channel. We have uploaded about 90 videos. The playlists are organized by manufacturer, to reduce the number of thumbnails that are displayed:"
  4. I remember living in fear of my Iris hub dying. The battery pack in it quit years ago, and I'd have to walk around with an ethernet cable and a long extension cord attached to the hub if I had devices (like GDO's and deadbolts) that needed the hub near them to re-pair. Iris CSR's would tell me to baby it because I was out of luck if I dropped it -- they had no back-up of my system. In marked contrast, if my SRF Control System ever dies, I'm just an email away from getting the system running again -- they've got my whole system imaged. I've found them extremely responsive when I've had pr
  5. It continues to develop sophistication in the control system, with custom dashboards and apps, along with the ability to create even more complex actions and activators. The system works very well locally when broadband is out. I just added my second Iris camera today, although that is still in the development phase. One thing I especially like is the ZigBee routing information and control. I have found that my ZigBee smart bulbs are poor routers of commands. SRF gives you access to routing information in mesh and list form, so I can see what route the signal is taking for each device. If I
  6. pavalov

    Marvin Ellison

    I really am appreciative of the refunds they accomplished for us. But even with the generosity of that program (I got back about 4K), I would much rather have kept the system. Thankfully, SRF is showing me what potential Iris had if Lowes had not bailed.
  7. Same here. I'm not going back and retro-fitting now.
  8. With the Iris shutdown driving everyone to find alternative solutions, I imagine many folks are splitting their time between here and forums specific to their chosen alternative SH system. For instance, I'm spending most of my time with the gamma testing for SystronicsRF, but keeping an eye on my friends back here to see what systems they are migrating to and the problems they face. Regarding the new Jasco switches, I particularly like the physical changes they've made which should make installation much easier: "Jasco and GE have shrunk down the depth of its new switches by 20%, ma
  9. SystronicsRF has added support for the following Orbit Sprinklers : - Orbit 12 Station Irrigation Timer (WT15ZB-12) - Orbit Hose Water Timer (HT8-ZB)
  10. The SystronicsRF system natively breaks them out into Gen1 ZigBee, Gen2 ZigBee, and Z-wave coming next. This is my Gen 1 mesh graphically. It is a great improvement over what we had before because it uses device names rather than numbers as ID's, but I find their nested lists more useful. Using the mesh does allow you to mouse-over the devices and see the specific connection highlighted:
  11. Otto, don't hold back -- tell us how you really feel.
  12. With SystronicsRF, the current routing table is available as well: