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  1. I’m sorry if I’ve missed this somewhere, but what’s the business plan for Systronics RF? Like do they plan to sell the software for a one-time fee? If so, what’s the total cost of the hub setup likely to be when you add in hardware as well? I’ve seen some people here saying they spent around $150 on hardware alone.
  2. Interesting....they are also called “protect” contact sensors, which is language I’ve never seen anywhere else...
  3. Hey, all! I’ve got about 40 1st gen devices and for that reason have been watching the Arcus and Systronics updates closely. I’ve decided that Systronics probably isn’t going to be ready to roll by the IRIS shutdown and am wondering if the same is likely to be true of Arcus. I guess I’m just unclear as to what exactly the code going open-source will mean for users. I know thegillion has worked tons of magic already, I just still have the folllowing questions: 1: Will V2 hubs possibly be useable? (Or v1 for that matter) 2. I’m assuming there’s no chance of an app, right?
  4. Hey, all! Just wondering what (if any) options there are for wearable panic buttons. We have a 24 hour animal hospital and wanted something our overnight employees can have with them at all times. One specific question I had: can the care pendant be configured to work as a panic alarm even with the basic plan? Thanks!
  5. They've been paired for few months and some have fresh batteries. Do you think a reboot would fix it?
  6. Hey, all! So on the way to vacation I armed my next gen system remotely. Unfortunately, I realized only after leaving the house that all of my contact and motion sensors (first gen) were disconnected. Every other first gen device is still connected fine. Any ideas?