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  1. Thanks for the information, I appreciate it. I tried around 10 times pairing and removing the light bulb, will keep trying. It still only came up as an uncertified device and doesn't allow any kind of control over them, frustrating. They should just work under zigbee protocol as a light bulb. I grabbed one of my old bulbs to compare and they have definitely changed, as you can see. These must be the newer version/model, slightly bigger overall. Wish they would work as I only paid around $10 each, pretty decent deal. Here is a comparison of the old and new light bulb. The one on the left is the
  2. Hi, I seem to be having issues with a new batch of Sylvania/Osram lightify A19 bulbs. I've used the same brand before with no problems, have about 10 in my home. Bought 4 more from Amazon recently and they show up as unsupported devices without the ability to turn them on or off or dim. Never had these issues before, even tried resetting the bulbs. Wonder if I'm going to have to buy a lightify gateway now, maybe to update the firmware, just never needed one before. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!